Jack Wojcik

commented on Key people 2013-09-24 09:12:05 +0200
You can check situation in Kissimmee FL. Disney World is doing exact the same thing, but this time to disable. For years now, disable were able to cut in front of the line. in Disney own Parks. Not anymore. First they floaded internet with news about supposed wheelchair people for hire, so whoever pays them, they can cut the long lines for attractions. Now they have excuse to cancel that one privelage (necessary for handicap and sick). Disney will wait couple years and then they will sell cuting in front of the line for money. I know my story is not as big as yours, but if there is anyone, who is intersted, please help!
Ps. Disney has whole army of investigetors who are looking for emplers own tickets to parks, sold illegaly. If they realy think that there a large group of handicap people for hire, they have needs to get rid of this problems. Also, renting wheelchair is a lot cheaper and more convinient than hired help!

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