Greg Knickle

commented on What do you think? 2014-01-02 02:33:39 +0100
Well, I know its not much, and mosst likly will never get heard, however I wanted to do something, so I sent the following email to Dole;

“I just wanted to express my disappointment in Dole and its frivolous actions it took against Fredrik Gertten; ‘Boys Gone Bananas’. Dole should be ashamed of itself. As well Dole should as a direct result of its shameful actions, take the money it spent on legal fees and the smear campaign against Mr Gertten and sent it to its workers that have been affected by its use of pesticides as well make the same donation to a charity of Mr Gertten’s choosing.

As a direct result of these abusive actions taken by Dole, our family will no longer buy/support Dole products in our household."


Greg Knickle

Again, great film!

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