Lucy Osborne

commented on What do you think? 2015-03-03 18:33:13 +0100
Dear Frederick,

I was aware of the supreme power of money when I was in somewhat the same situation as you and the plantation workers in Nicaragua when I had to ponder the merit of bringing a suit against someone with a great deal of money in a case that was morally sound but for which there was little evidence. I had to weigh the health and well being of my children and the cost of the suit against the possible outcomes and was forced to withdraw and lick my wounds. I’m so very glad that you and your team were able to speak out and show the world the meaning of free speech and that no matter the price, you do the right thing. I only wish I had had the friends and supporters you have had, and that I had the courage to do more than simply talk about what happened to me and try to staunch the massive bleeding this wound caused in my life. I wish you health and a long career in serving the truth and bringing it to public attention freely and without threat.

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