Countdown to '100 Bad Hair Days'

big_boys_gone_bananas_sm.jpgDios mio! These are intense days. As always when you are in post production of a film. We've been fighting with this film for a long time.

First the obvious question: If our own experience becomes the subject of the film, how shall we treat it? It took some time. We understood that this will not be another film about fruit or bananas. This is a different story, about freedom of speech and about the huge machine a corporation can release when they dislike filmakers, journalists or other critics.

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World Premiere at IDFA in Amsterdam

IDFA 2011Screening dates for the films's world premiere at the International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam are now online.

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When Dole was going to hit us we wanted it on film

Early summer 2009 was an extremely intense time for us. After proudly announcing that my film BANANAS!* was going to have its world premiere in competition at the Los Angeles Film Festival, we received an aggressive letter from a law firm representing DOLE Food Company. The cease and desist-letter told us to withdraw the film and the trailer, shut down the film's website.

WG film has four employes, DOLE Food Company 75,000 in 90 countries, making them the biggest fruit company in the world. This was no fun, but at the same time we felt that we had done a balanced film...

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What's this?

Welcome to the website for Fredrik Gertten's new film, BIG BOYS GONE BANANAS!*

Some of you may know that I recently started working with the Scottish Documentary Institute, looking into new strategies and tools to connect filmmakers with their audience in a more meaningful and more sustainable way.

One of the things we're testing is how well a political campaigning tool called NationBuilder works for the documentary world. And when Fredrik asked me to help with the outreach campaign for his new film, I suggested that he should give this software a try. 

So here we go. We're going bananas and building a nation. And we very much hope you'll be part of it.

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The true story about a Swedish filmmaker and a banana corporation. Dirty tricks, lawsuits, manipulation, and the price of free speech.

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