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commented 2015-03-11 18:15:12 +0100
I want to thank Sweden for doing what Americans cannot. I abhors corporate suppression! I want to thank Fredrik for his diligence and perseverance. How about taking on Monsanto next?! Much love to you.
commented 2015-03-03 18:33:13 +0100
Dear Frederick,

I was aware of the supreme power of money when I was in somewhat the same situation as you and the plantation workers in Nicaragua when I had to ponder the merit of bringing a suit against someone with a great deal of money in a case that was morally sound but for which there was little evidence. I had to weigh the health and well being of my children and the cost of the suit against the possible outcomes and was forced to withdraw and lick my wounds. I’m so very glad that you and your team were able to speak out and show the world the meaning of free speech and that no matter the price, you do the right thing. I only wish I had had the friends and supporters you have had, and that I had the courage to do more than simply talk about what happened to me and try to staunch the massive bleeding this wound caused in my life. I wish you health and a long career in serving the truth and bringing it to public attention freely and without threat.
commented 2015-02-01 23:39:13 +0100
This Movie has the worst subtitles that I have ever seen. Most of them were not visible and many did not make any sense. How do you let your movie be shown with such poor production
commented 2014-12-08 08:48:58 +0100
Fantastic! Love this documentary on the making of the film. Damn inspiring! You didn’t let the bastards grind you down. I’m familiar with the dubious history of Dole, these facts of the documentary didn’t surprise me. I grew up in a house with a parent that was a Political Science Professor for 30 years. Her specialty was Latin American Politics and I knew early what the term “Banana Republic” truly meant with regard to the Governments. We need more of this investigative reporting and film coverage. I discontinued buying Dole products years ago and will continue to do so. Thank you for this and your unwavering strength to follow and uphold the truth.
commented 2014-06-29 01:59:42 +0200
Thank you for fighting the fight that so many are afraid to fight. It is a testament to how easy it is to “wake up,” to embody courage, and to stand for something of true value. I cried at the end of this film… it touched me that deeply.

With gratitude,

posted about this on Facebook 2014-06-15 03:33:13 +0200
Dudes, this film is really fascinating. Freedom of speech. The rights of workers. The ability to prosecute artists. Plus it is just a good godamn ride.
commented 2014-06-15 03:29:09 +0200
My father is a class action litigator in los angeles. I grew up in a house where we didn’t make alot of money but our father was doing the right thing. He took on corporations for infringing on the rights we were given as citizens.

I watched this film and felt so grateful for your work. Everyday I see privacy rights dissolve. Accept these terms and conditions? Take this drug, with fine print that can’t be read. More than that, I was reminded about how some people are fighting and bringing to light crime. Nicaragua may be far from me. And i’m pretty privileged. But the strength and fortitude you and margaret show take me back to the days where my father was in the supreme court fighting to protect privacy.

did he make much money from that? no. but he did it because he believes in the true definition of freedom. He really believes that law should strengthen our society, our artists, our thinkers. In my house, it was about what you thought from what you read. and the ability to argue and also Listen and change.

I wish I could buy this for my father and BANANAS!*. He would get a kick out of seeing a comrade fight the blatant illegal perversions of justice.

What a film.

You should be so proud. Your kids will be too. I know I am of my father.

Thank you for fighting. You gotta take a swing to have a chance at change sometimes.

An american girl,

thanks again,

commented 2014-05-03 09:16:53 +0200
I saw your film on Al-Jazeera. Fantastic fight. You fought well and stood up for the truth. Unfortunately, in my country, the media is adopting the American tactics of influencing opinions of people through the print, television and internet media. Infact, a politician of a particular nationalist party has successfully used these tactics to promote himself as a saviour from heaven and is on the verge of winning the national elections in India. If you haven’t heard of him yet, you will because he is about to become the prime minister of India.
commented 2014-05-02 03:49:51 +0200
Excellent! Well done! Keep up the good work!
followed this page 2014-04-26 16:43:53 +0200
commented 2014-04-09 02:47:13 +0200
Has it occurred to you that free distribution of the original film and the subsequent documentary would be supportive of your cause for free speech?

I had to jump through hoops to get to watch the second documentary, which negates your belief that this is an important message that needs to be told.

Post them both on Youtube and they will go viral within a matter of days, and then you can watch the world beat a path to your door to learn more. If you need money then journalists will pay for your time.

Better that way than asking people to pay to watch.

If you disagree then ignore this, but at least think about it.

Cheers, Will
commented 2014-02-28 10:26:07 +0100
Incredible and unbelievable situation ended all fine. What a thriller!

All the best and good luck in the future,

with best wishes,

commented 2014-01-28 04:21:05 +0100
Really good film, I give two thumbs up! keep on filming and rolling
commented 2014-01-11 13:12:15 +0100
I am currently studying the Banana trade and women’s rights for my A-level in Anthropology. It is very interesting that this movie was one of the last results I saw when searching for Plantation workers rights, the media definitely wants to keep this hidden! And only to benefit yet more TNCs. They should be ashamed of themselves. Yet there are plenty of articles out there confirming the facts of mis-treated workers, I suppose a film is more ‘dangerous’ for TNCs like Dole as it is ‘’palatable for the masses.’’

Fantastic documentary “Bananas!” and great follow up in “Big Boys” I hope the Swedish maker comes out of this ok, he’s supporting human rights and is a courageous and intelligent man.
commented 2014-01-02 02:33:39 +0100
Well, I know its not much, and mosst likly will never get heard, however I wanted to do something, so I sent the following email to Dole;

“I just wanted to express my disappointment in Dole and its frivolous actions it took against Fredrik Gertten; ‘Boys Gone Bananas’. Dole should be ashamed of itself. As well Dole should as a direct result of its shameful actions, take the money it spent on legal fees and the smear campaign against Mr Gertten and sent it to its workers that have been affected by its use of pesticides as well make the same donation to a charity of Mr Gertten’s choosing.

As a direct result of these abusive actions taken by Dole, our family will no longer buy/support Dole products in our household."


Greg Knickle

Again, great film!
commented 2014-01-02 02:23:06 +0100
Sorry is this is a re post, my email was incorrect the first time and not sure it it went through

Great film, and Fredrik is certainly a bigger person than I, when speaking to John Procter; what a slime bag! Just have one question, did Dole stop attaching its name to Fredrik on the net??
commented 2014-01-02 02:11:43 +0100
Great film, and Fredrik is certainly a bigger person than I, when speaking to John Procter; what a slime bag! Just have one question, did Dole stop attaching its name to Fredrik on the net??
commented 2013-08-12 09:22:41 +0200
stay moomin!
commented 2013-07-03 10:50:00 +0200
For all the ruckus this film made, The dole Wikipedia page now has no mention of the incident, or subsequent films, aside from a small link in the references that someone forgot to remove!
commented 2013-07-02 23:35:10 +0200
Hej Fredrik och Margarete!

I just saw the movie on DVD and I must say it was one of the most inspiring movies I have ever seen! Anyone who is planing to change the world should start today with seeing this movie.

It was really great to see how much courage you had to decide to fight and continue fighting with this inhuman machinery. Huge respect for that.

Beside support from the parliament (although we are talking about Sweden here, it was still unexpected :) reaction on the whole process that came from max and grocery stores proves that you have succeded to make a change and that is important!

// r.
followed this page 2013-06-04 00:53:32 +0200
commented 2013-06-04 00:46:12 +0200
Caro Fredrik Gertten,

Assisti ao documentário BANANAS na noite de ontem numa emissora brasileira denominada TV CULTURA que só transmite em sua programação conteúdos que fazem as pessoas raciocinarem sobre os acontecimentos sérios que acontecem no mundo.

Eu quero agradecer imensamente a você e toda a sua equipe pelo belíssimo documentário que realizou. Quero, também, parabenizá-lo pela coragem, postura ética e determinação que você e toda sua equipe tiveram diante de todas as dificuldades que lhe foram impostas pela empresa em questão.

Sou professora de comunicação aqui no Brasil, moro em São Paulo e vou utilizar seu documentário em minhas aulas.

Obrigada, mais uma vez, o mundo necessita de muitos, muitos e muitos homens GRANDES em todos os aspectos e corajosos como você!

Obrigada por existir e por demonstrar que os verdadeiros heróis não estão nas historias em quadrinhos e sim, eles existem na vida real! Você é um deles!

Muitíssimo obrigada!

Luisa Helena Alves da Silva
commented 2013-06-03 18:55:26 +0200
I also saw the movie in the Brazilian TV Cultura. It’s a great peace showing how big corporations become a sort of parallel authoritarian state. They could’ve smashed you if it was not for the Sweedish democratic reaction. You really got nerves!
commented 2013-06-03 08:25:26 +0200
Congratulations! I also just saw the movie here in Brazil. It’s very nice that TV Cultura showed your film here. People need to know this story. The film discusses an issue that goes far beyond this actual case of Dole. As Dole has so many others companies. The film talks about a distressful situation. Great film!
commented 2013-06-03 06:33:45 +0200
Hello, Fredrik. I have just seen the Big Boys Gone Bananas documentary on a Brazilian state television network. Congratulations on this amazing job you guys have done. I would like to thank you and the Swedish parliament, for democracy and freedom of speech must be cherished. Always.
commented 2013-06-03 06:24:23 +0200
Hello Fredrik and Margarete, I just wanted to tell you that your Big Boys Gone Bananas film was presented tonight in the Brazilian TV, broadcasted by TV Cultura, a public broadcast tv station. I was not aware of your Bananas documentary or of your struggle to make thruth prevail. I just wanted you to know you are a good people. And the world needs good men and women, so I am very happy to know about your story. Thank you very, very much. And to Dole, their lawyers, their RP company and the employess that supported this shameful campaign and the wrongdoings of this lousy company all I can say is: I will do my best to let others know about this documentary and the practices of your company. Shame on you.
commented 2013-04-22 00:24:33 +0200
Congratulations Frederik and your team for defending the freedom of speech and the truth!!
commented 2013-03-30 23:51:51 +0100
Bravo Fredrik Gertten. Your tenacity has opened the eyes of many people here in the USA…we stand in humble honor to your wonderful documentary. Dole Products will never again cross the threshhold of my family home.
I hope that you will come to San Francisco and show your film and answer questions for the many people from our liberal minded area.

Dole…shame, shame, shame!
commented 2013-02-24 01:51:47 +0100
I have just returned home from our Traveling World Community Film Festival in Grand Forks, B.C., Canada where your film “Big Boys Gone Bananas” was viewed by a very enthusiastic audience. I highly respect your integrity, your fortitude and your tenancity.


Lori Lum
commented 2013-02-17 06:11:35 +0100
Large companies like Dole are infringing upon our democracy both in political elections and in the world of journalism where it threatens our very freedom of speech. Go Fredrik Gertten! This is a fight for not just your film but for freedom and democracy everywhere and for everyone.
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The true story about a Swedish filmmaker and a banana corporation. Dirty tricks, lawsuits, manipulation, and the price of free speech.

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