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My father is a class action litigator in los angeles. I grew up in a house where we didn’t make alot of money but our father was doing the right thing. He took on corporations for infringing on the rights we were given as citizens.

I watched this film and felt so grateful for your work. Everyday I see privacy rights dissolve. Accept these terms and conditions? Take this drug, with fine print that can’t be read. More than that, I was reminded about how some people are fighting and bringing to light crime. Nicaragua may be far from me. And i’m pretty privileged. But the strength and fortitude you and margaret show take me back to the days where my father was in the supreme court fighting to protect privacy.

did he make much money from that? no. but he did it because he believes in the true definition of freedom. He really believes that law should strengthen our society, our artists, our thinkers. In my house, it was about what you thought from what you read. and the ability to argue and also Listen and change.

I wish I could buy this for my father and BANANAS!*. He would get a kick out of seeing a comrade fight the blatant illegal perversions of justice.

What a film.

You should be so proud. Your kids will be too. I know I am of my father.

Thank you for fighting. You gotta take a swing to have a chance at change sometimes.

An american girl,

thanks again,


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