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commented 2012-02-01 06:43:54 +0100
This is an important film, a must see, must share, on so many levels. Big Boys Gone Bananas exposes the callous insensitivity of big corporations, towards the most marginalized of workers. When heinous business practises are exposed, Dole then sets about discrediting the film maker, threatening to ruin him and his crew financially, and casts aspersions on the film makers credibility. Desperate to avoid billions of dollars in lawsuits, Dole stops at nothing to threaten and intimidate everyone in its path, in order to keep the world from discovering their dirty little secret. In doing so, this huge multinational severely underestimates the will of the Swedish people and of one fearless documentary film maker.
commented 2011-11-09 20:53:13 +0100
Good question there, Patrik…
published this page in About the film 2011-10-30 02:25:06 +0200
The true story about a Swedish filmmaker and a banana corporation. Dirty tricks, lawsuits, manipulation, and the price of free speech.

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