Screenings in New York City and Los Angeles - one week only!

From left: Lucy Walker, Joe Berlinger and Fredrik Gertten.

Big Boys Gone Bananas!* hits theatres in New York City and Los Angeles this summer - for one week only! Make sure you don't miss it...

For these exclusive screenings director Fredrik will be present, and we have also invited some very special friends to join us. With us in New York we have Academy Award Nominees Joe Berlinger and Morgan Spurlock and also Leslie Wayne from 100 Reporters. In Los Angeles we are honoured to have filmmakers Ondi Timoner and Lucy Walker moderate conversations and Q&A:s with filmmaker Fredrik Gertten and lawyer Lincoln Bandlow.

Times and dates are as follows:

NEW YORK CITY at QUAD CINEMA: Screening from 27th July - 2nd August.
Friday, July 27 - 5:30 PM - Q&A with director Fredrik Gertten, lawyer Lincoln Bandlow and moderated by Academy Award nominee Joe Berlinger. 
Saturday, July 28 - 5:30 PM - Q&A with Fredrik Gertten and lawyer Lincoln Bandlow - moderated by Leslie Wayne of 100 Reporters
Sunday, July 29 - 5:30 PM - Q&A with Fredrik Gertten
Monday, July 30 - 5:30 PM - Q&A with Fredrik Gertten - moderated by Academy Award nominee Morgan Spurlock.

LOS ANGELES at the LAEMMLE PASADENA PLAYHOUSE and LAEMMLE MONICA 4: Screening from 3rd August - 9th August
Friday, August 3 - LAEMMLE PASADENA PLAYHOUSE - filmmaker Ondi Timoner will join Fredrik Gertten and lawyer Lincoln Bandlow in conversation
Saturday August 4 - LAEMMLE MONICA 4 - SANTA MONICA - filmmaker and Academy Award nominee Lucy Walker will join Fredrik Gertten and lawyer Lincoln Bandlow in conversation

Also, don't miss our previous mentioned screening at Michael Moore's TRAVERSE CITY FILM FESTIVAL: July 31st - August 5th.

Join our Facebook events: New York City here and Los Angeles here.

Please help us spread the word and we truly hope to see you there!

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Officially selected at Michael Moore's Traverse City Film Festival


We are honored to present that BIG BOYS GONE BANANAS!* is officially selected to screen at the 8th annual Traverse City Film Festival founded by filmmaker Michael Moore. The festival runs between July 31st - August 5th this year and is located in Traverse City, Michigan, US.

Founder Michael Moore, winner of an Oscar (“Bowling for Columbine”), an Emmy (“TV Nation”), a Palme d’Or at Cannes (“Fahrenheit 9/11″), and the British Book of the Year award (“Stupid White Men”), was the first 18-year-old elected to public office in Michigan. He operated the art-house film series East Village Cinema in his native Flint, Michigan, for eight years. Moore serves as the board president. 

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UK premiere in Sheffield and preview screening in London!

BIG BOYS GONE BANANAS!* will have its UK festival premiere this week – the film is screening at Sheffield Doc/Fest on June 14th and 16th and Fredrik Gertten will be present for Q&A's following both screenings – find details and tickets here.


On Friday 15th June, Fredrik is also part of a panel called Story Leads to Action at Sheffield Doc/Fest, discussing how to reach target audiences with help from NGOs and corporate brands.

If you’re not in Sheffield, don’t despair - Fredrik will come to London for a Masterclass at the Frontline Club on Wednesday June 20th, followed by a preview screening and Q&A at theCurzon Soho on Thursday 21st of June.

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Have a laugh, not a banana

We were recently contacted by the crew behind Selva Rica, a creative community of artists, educators and media makers working to promote sustainable lifestyle. They had made a music video inspired by our previous film BANANAS!*. We think it is quite awesome.

Take a few minutes and enjoy this one. And please share!


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Friends in Italy!


Today the film premieres in Italy on the 30th Bellaria Doc Film Festival in Bellaria, near Rimini. We really hope the Italian audience likes the film as much as the Italian jury did, when it was rewarded for Best International Documentary & Best Film at MIFF Awards in Milano last month. Fredrik was present at the award ceremony and received a beautiful horse statue for his work, read more about this is our previous blog post.
After the premiere the film screens twice at Biografilm Festival in Bologna, Italy - the only international event entirely committed to promote and support biographies and life tales. You can read more about the screening dates and times in our Calendar

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Stunning documentary in the tradition of American Paranoid Thrillers of the 70s'

Big Boys Gone Bananas!* has recieved amazing reviews from critics all over the world. But this critic puts the film into a film historic perspective and pours great quotes from heaven over the film.  We blush and re-publish with permission from the writer.
Read the full article on "Read more" below.


"A must-see ENTERTAINMENT!!! It's thrilling, scary, absurdly funny and on a par with any ofthe aforementioned kick-ass 70s thrillers.

"Nothing makes my blood boil more than corporate, oligarchical steam-rolling, the more fascistic elements of political correctness, censorship and the squashing of free-speech."

"What follows in the film is like some kind of Kafka nightmare through the eyes of a David Lynchian dreamscape. It's unbelievably cruel, nasty and terrifying."

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Fredrik Gertten was invited to Italy yesterday to receive the award for Best International Documentary at MIFF Awards in Milan. The film was screened to a closed jury last month and was nominated for both Best Documentary and Best Editing. Yesterday the winners was announced at a ceremony, where Fredrik received the prize with the motivation "For the courage to tell his own 'David & Goliath' story, involving the audience from the beginning on a hot pro-environment issue."


Fredrik Gertten at the award ceremony. Photo: MIFF Awards

Since March the film has received many prizes and great recognition from both jurys and audience. It won the Audience Award and The Rudolf Vrba Jury Award at One World Human Rights Film Festival in Prague, Czech Republic. It also won Best Documentary at Sarasota Film Festival in Florida, US. Among the audience it became the favourite at Full Frame Documentary Film Festival in Durham, US and second favourite at Hot Docs in Toronto, Canada, where over 150 films was shown.

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On the Canadian tour with Fredrik Gertten


In Canada, there is lots of talk about Fredrik Gertten and his movie BIG BOYS GONE BANANAS!*:

Fredrik has given a number of interviews this week, and if you were not able to see or listen to them live, check them out now instead.

Listen to the interview with Gertten on CBC's The Current with Anna Maria Tremonti, and watch the inteview on Business News Network.

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"Good luck with your finances" – an interview with producer Margarete Jangård

Since we get a lot of questions about our financing situation, we decided to let producer of BIG BOYS GONE BANANAS!*, Margarete Jangård, answer some of the most frequent questions we get. 


Image taken from BIG BOYS GONE BANANAS!*: In the midst of the controversy, Margarete recieved an aggresive letter with a provocative ending. Obviously the writer understood that a small production company will have problems surviving a fight with a bullying multinational.

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US and Canada Tour!


BIG BOYS GONE BANANAS!* returns to the US after the premiere at the prestegious Sundance Film Festival in January. On Thursday April 12 the film begins its three week tour and the first screening is set to Yale University in New Haven, followed by Sarasota Film Festival, Full Frame Documentary Film Festival in Durhamn and The Washington DC International Film Festival. In the beginning of May the film premieres in Canada at Hot Docs in Toronto followed by DOXA in Vancouver. Director Fredrik Gertten will attend all screenings. 
For more details about the screenings, please visit the films screening calendar.

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