Big Boys Gone Bananas!* is hitting UK and Irish cinemas on September 21st and Fredrik Gertten will be coming over to the UK for the release. Dochouse will be hosting a special preview Q&A screening with Fredrik and Sven Hughes and chaired by Jen Robinson on Tuesday 18th September at 6.30pm at the Prince Charles Cinema in London. Book tickets here
Cambridge Picturehouse will also be hosting a preview and Q&A with Fredrik on the 19th September as part of the Cambridge Film Festival. The film is presented by our UK disitributor Dogwoof, who also gave out previous film BANANAS!* in UK 2010. Read more below!


Jen Robinson is Director of Legal Advocacy at the Bertha Foundation. She is a media and human rights lawyer who has previously advised clients such as WikiLeaks, NYTimes, Bloomberg, Associated Press, CNN, Human Rights Watch and Global Witness. Her work advising NGOs demonstrates the chilling impact of powerful individuals and corporations threatening libel suits.

Sven Hughes is a strategic communications advisor and founder of the world’s first dedicated verbalisation agency. His current and former clients include Prime Ministers, CEOs, militaries and royal households. He is also a multi award-winning copywriter, feature film screenwriter and director. He lectures regularly on the future of strategic communications to international business and military audiences. Sven argues for increased legislation within the commercial stratcoms industry.

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The true story about a Swedish filmmaker and a banana corporation. Dirty tricks, lawsuits, manipulation, and the price of free speech.

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