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DVD_HOME.jpgDVD licensed for personal home use can be purchased from WG Shop. We ship worldwide and keep our shipping costs low. If you order for more than 50 EUR, you get the shipping for free! Visit WG Shop now!

If you are a costumer in US, Canada, UK or Ireland please make your order on the below links from our distributors:

US - Virgil Films
UK/Ireland - Dogwoof Webshop 
Canada - Kinosmith Inc. (Release: Spring, 2013)



DVD_EDUCATIONAL.jpgDVD licensed for use in schools, colleges, community settings, libraries, government agencies and businesses,
can also be purchased from WG Shop, we ship worldwide at no cost. 

If you are a costumer in US, Canada, UK or Ireland please contact/order from our distributors on the below links:

US - The Video Project (Release: Sep 23, 2012)
UK/Ireland - Dogwoof (Release: Sep 21, 2012)
Canada - Kinosmith Inc. (Release: Nov 30, 2012)



FESTIVALS_DVD.jpgIf you want to screen the film to a big audience, on festivals, organisations or at a company event, please contact the sales representative in your region. We offer a number of different screening fromats, such as DCP, HDCam, BlueRay, DigiBeta. 

Worldwide (except US, UK/Ireland, Canada, Scandinavia) - Autlook Filmsales [email protected]
US/Scandinavia - WG Film [email protected]
UK/Ireland - Dogwoof [email protected]
Canada - Kinosmith [email protected]



BROADCAST_DVD.jpgFor broadcast rights or any other license that's not mentioned above, please contact our sales agent Autlook Filmsales.

Autlook Filmsales GmbH
Trappelgasse 4/17
1040 Vienna, Austria

+43/ 6645.10.55.52 
[email protected] 



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The true story about a Swedish filmmaker and a banana corporation. Dirty tricks, lawsuits, manipulation, and the price of free speech.

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