Countdown to '100 Bad Hair Days'

big_boys_gone_bananas_sm.jpgDios mio! These are intense days. As always when you are in post production of a film. We've been fighting with this film for a long time.

First the obvious question: If our own experience becomes the subject of the film, how shall we treat it? It took some time. We understood that this will not be another film about fruit or bananas. This is a different story, about freedom of speech and about the huge machine a corporation can release when they dislike filmakers, journalists or other critics.

During the fight for the right to show my previous film BANANAS!* we simply recorded stuff that happened around us. Later on, when I understood that this is a film in making, I sat down with my excellent film editor friends Jesper Osmund and Niels Pagh Andersen. We discussed and talked, and played with the footage. I went out and shot new interviews, trying to understand what had come down on us...  

A long journey. Almost five months of editing. The last month with Benjamin Binderup as editor. Music specially composed by Conny Malmqvist (he also did the score for our co-production Acadamy Award-nominated Burma VJ). Alexander Törnquist is doing his best on the sound design and now my good friend Michael Cavanagh just came back from Australia to take on the color grading of the film. Charlotte Rodenstedt is working with all the motion grafics and the cool stuff we do with documents and news paper clippings. It's amazing to be surrounded by professionals. I must mention my producer Margarete Jangård and LIna Bertilsson. Emma Svensson is the one who coordinates the whole post production. A lot of of work. But of course I also have to stay alert, they all want my feedback, and sometimes I feel like going on holidays, dreaming of returning to a complete master piece. But I stay on and do my best to help out.  

It's a special film, this one. I have never been the main character in any of my films. DOLE forced me into that role. Sometimes I would like to re-name the film to '100 Bad Hair Days'. But maybe that's my next project.

The organisers of the biggest documentary film festival in the world, IDFA in Amsterdam, asked us to ship the HDCAM tape with the film today. We had to tell them: Hang on, we still have a few weeks of intense work to do. The film will be delivered in time for the festival. Carried by myself all the way to the screening room at the impressive Tuschinsky Cinema in Amsterdam. November 19. Dios mio!

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commented 2011-11-02 21:18:15 +0100
Yes, go on a holiday and let the professionals get on with their work… ;-)
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The true story about a Swedish filmmaker and a banana corporation. Dirty tricks, lawsuits, manipulation, and the price of free speech.

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