Dole bananas welcome Fredrik in Stockholm

Fredrik Gertten received quite the warm welcome this morning at hotel Scandic Malmen in Stockholm - A nice big bowl of bananas. Dole bananas. Needless to say, not his usual choice for breakfast. 

bild_1.JPGIn the hotel's defense, they were quick to apologize for their unfortunate choice of fruit and promised to have "nice" bananas waiting for him tomorrow. 


Unfortunately, we're all bound to be bombarded by Dole bananas at one place or another. But it doesn't have to be that way! The next time you visit a hotel, grocery store, cafe, etc. that has Dole products, tell them you won't eat them and neither should anyone else. Hopefully, like Scandic Malmen, they'll come to their senses and replace them with Fairtrade and organic fruit. Now there's something worth eating for breakfast!


We're happy to say that Scandic Sverige (the largest hotel chain in Sweden) went through with their promise. The next morning, Fredrik was served Fairtrade bananas. And now, the hotel has promised that if they can't serve eco or Fairtrade, they won't serve any bananas at all. Way to go, Scandic!


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