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Now we sell both films BANANAS!* (2009) and BIG BOYS GONE BANANAS!* (2012) at a cheap package price in our webshop. Buy both films for 25 EUR in our webshop. If you order for more than 50 EUR you get the shipping for free! Take me to the webshop!


In 2009 Fredrik Gertten went to US with BANANAS!* and got disbelieved and had to face PR scare tactics, dirty tricks and lawsuit from Dole. Today the situation is reverse. WG Film won and this time around Fredrik got a lot of support, interest and love when he came to screen BIG BOYS GONE BANANAS!* for two weeks in New York City and Los Angeles. Fredrik Gertten also went togheter with lawyer Lincoln Bandlow and publicist David Magdael to Michael Moore's 8th annual Traverse City Film Festival where the film was second runner up to the Audience Award.

Directors Morgan Spurlock, Fredrik Gertten and Alex Rivera at Quad Cinema, New York.

We have had some wonderful people helping us out in the US and of course all of you that came to the screenings and gave us so much good energy and love. In both New York and Los Angeles we had Q & A:s with special guests together with Fredrik Gertten and lawyer Lincoln Bandlow. We like to thank our amazing guests that helped out by moderating Q&A:s and made our screenings something really special: Joe Berlinger, Morgan Spurlock, Ondi Timoner, Lucy Walker, Elise Pearlstein and Leslie Wayne from 100 Reporters where all so lovely and we are so grateful for your wonderful support!  

“I am so grateful and honored to have my US filmmaking colleagues join me in these events where we can discuss freedom of speech, corporate intimidation and the future of making non-fiction films,” said Fredrik Gertten.  

Officially selected at Michael Moore's Traverse City Film Festival


We are honored to present that BIG BOYS GONE BANANAS!* is officially selected to screen at the 8th annual Traverse City Film Festival founded by filmmaker Michael Moore. The festival runs between July 31st - August 5th this year and is located in Traverse City, Michigan, US.

Founder Michael Moore, winner of an Oscar (“Bowling for Columbine”), an Emmy (“TV Nation”), a Palme d’Or at Cannes (“Fahrenheit 9/11″), and the British Book of the Year award (“Stupid White Men”), was the first 18-year-old elected to public office in Michigan. He operated the art-house film series East Village Cinema in his native Flint, Michigan, for eight years. Moore serves as the board president. 

UK premiere in Sheffield and preview screening in London!

BIG BOYS GONE BANANAS!* will have its UK festival premiere this week – the film is screening at Sheffield Doc/Fest on June 14th and 16th and Fredrik Gertten will be present for Q&A's following both screenings – find details and tickets here.


On Friday 15th June, Fredrik is also part of a panel called Story Leads to Action at Sheffield Doc/Fest, discussing how to reach target audiences with help from NGOs and corporate brands.

If you’re not in Sheffield, don’t despair - Fredrik will come to London for a Masterclass at the Frontline Club on Wednesday June 20th, followed by a preview screening and Q&A at theCurzon Soho on Thursday 21st of June.

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Friends in Italy!


Today the film premieres in Italy on the 30th Bellaria Doc Film Festival in Bellaria, near Rimini. We really hope the Italian audience likes the film as much as the Italian jury did, when it was rewarded for Best International Documentary & Best Film at MIFF Awards in Milano last month. Fredrik was present at the award ceremony and received a beautiful horse statue for his work, read more about this is our previous blog post.
After the premiere the film screens twice at Biografilm Festival in Bologna, Italy - the only international event entirely committed to promote and support biographies and life tales. You can read more about the screening dates and times in our Calendar

Stunning documentary in the tradition of American Paranoid Thrillers of the 70s'

Big Boys Gone Bananas!* has recieved amazing reviews from critics all over the world. But this critic puts the film into a film historic perspective and pours great quotes from heaven over the film.  We blush and re-publish with permission from the writer.
Read the full article on "Read more" below.


"A must-see ENTERTAINMENT!!! It's thrilling, scary, absurdly funny and on a par with any ofthe aforementioned kick-ass 70s thrillers.

"Nothing makes my blood boil more than corporate, oligarchical steam-rolling, the more fascistic elements of political correctness, censorship and the squashing of free-speech."

"What follows in the film is like some kind of Kafka nightmare through the eyes of a David Lynchian dreamscape. It's unbelievably cruel, nasty and terrifying."

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Fredrik Gertten was invited to Italy yesterday to receive the award for Best International Documentary at MIFF Awards in Milan. The film was screened to a closed jury last month and was nominated for both Best Documentary and Best Editing. Yesterday the winners was announced at a ceremony, where Fredrik received the prize with the motivation "For the courage to tell his own 'David & Goliath' story, involving the audience from the beginning on a hot pro-environment issue."


Fredrik Gertten at the award ceremony. Photo: MIFF Awards

Since March the film has received many prizes and great recognition from both jurys and audience. It won the Audience Award and The Rudolf Vrba Jury Award at One World Human Rights Film Festival in Prague, Czech Republic. It also won Best Documentary at Sarasota Film Festival in Florida, US. Among the audience it became the favourite at Full Frame Documentary Film Festival in Durham, US and second favourite at Hot Docs in Toronto, Canada, where over 150 films was shown.

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US and Canada Tour!


BIG BOYS GONE BANANAS!* returns to the US after the premiere at the prestegious Sundance Film Festival in January. On Thursday April 12 the film begins its three week tour and the first screening is set to Yale University in New Haven, followed by Sarasota Film Festival, Full Frame Documentary Film Festival in Durhamn and The Washington DC International Film Festival. In the beginning of May the film premieres in Canada at Hot Docs in Toronto followed by DOXA in Vancouver. Director Fredrik Gertten will attend all screenings. 
For more details about the screenings, please visit the films screening calendar.

The biggest documentary launch in modern times in Sweden

BIG BOYS GONE BANANAS!* will be shown on 38 screens in Sweden in the coming month. The launch has already started with great film parties together with our friends at Doc Lounge in Malmö, Lund, Stockholm and Göteborg.

Friday 24 February the film opens in 14 theatres that will play the film commercially. On Wednesday 29th there will be a live broadcast from Malmö to 18 cinemas around the country. The audience can send text messages with questions to the director Fredrik Gertten and his lawyer Lincoln Bandlow.

Lincoln Bandlow is invited to Sweden to give a speech in parliament the same day, just before a screening of the film for the Swedish legislators. After the screening in parliament there will be debate about the worrying lack of balance between independent journalism and the growing PR and lobbying industry. Fredrik Gertten has been very active debating this issue in Swedish media over the last weeks. He asks for transparency:

"We the citizens need to know who pays for the lobbying. And how much."

Internationally, the film's festival life is gearing up. After IDFA in Amsterdam, the Sundance Film Festival, and Doc Point in Helsinki, now comes Zagreb Docs, the One World Film Festival in Prague, and the Festival Internacional de Cine de Punta del Este in Uruguay, with more to be announced soon.

Below is a full list of the Swedish screenings.

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Media coverage


For Swedish reviews, please visit bigboysgonebananas.se.

24 November 2012, Screen Daily - Review
"Fredrik Gertten’s sobering and insightful Big Boys Gone Bananas!*should be compulsory viewing for any wannabe documentary filmmaker embarking on their investigative opus without a fear in the world."

10 January 2012, Whatnotdoc Blog - Review
"Why You Should Watch: Filmmakers especially should mark this one on their calendars, but the issues of corporate power and influence it deals with makes this relatable to all viewers."

22 January 2012, Indiewire Blog - Review
‎"After coming to Sundance and seeing the Swedish doc Big Boys Gone Bananas* which gives us the positive effect of one man winning against a major global corporation such as Dole, is heartening and hopefully will strenthen all the viewers' resolve to stand up against the Goliaths of the world...as we already are seeing in the Occupy movements and in the Arab Spring revolutions." 

26 January 2012, Gravity was everywhere then - Review
"Needless to say, this film is being screened and hopefully will continue to be screened bringing the issues of both corporate responsibility and the need to fight for documentarian human rights!"

27 January 2012, Civilized disobedience - Review
"BIG BOYS GONE BANANAS!* is a fun ride, well worth watching. It got a well-deserved standing ovation here at Sundance..."

1 February 2012, Variety - Review
"A David-and Goliath story that delves into corporate scare tactics, legal effrontery, brand protection, media manipulation, online propagandizing and craven behavior."

14 February 2012, Under the radar - Review
"BIG BOYS GONE BANANAS!* ... offers a sobering lesson to filmmakers who believe that all they need is the moral high ground and a just cause."

11 May 2012, Klymkiw Film Corner - Review & Interview
"Stunning documentary in the tradition of American Paranoid Thrillers of the 70s ..."
"What follows in the film is like some kind of Kafka nightmare through the eyes of a David Lynchian dreamscape. It's unbelievably cruel, nasty and terrifying." 

11 May 2012, Vancouver Desi - Review
"Swedish filmmaker Fredrik Gertten chronicles his heartbreaking, and often funny, battle with Dole in this documentary that gets to the very core of the spin machine, and how it warps all notions of “freedom of speech.” 

23 July 2012, News Blaze - Review
“It's a story of hope that unfortunately has no counterparts that I am aware of in the United States. It's sad that America has to be taught a lesson about free speech by Sweden or anyone else, yet it does provide a sliver of hope”

26 July 2012, New York Times - Review
"A provocative look at what can happen when corporate power takes aim at independent film. (...) With his shaggy, hangdog look and mild, unflappable demeanor, Mr. Gertten easily solicits empathy for his plight. Making no pretense of giving Dole a voice (in fact, a spooky voice recording and a shadowy image are pretty much all we get of this multinational company), he instead questions media alignment behind the food giant. Pointed comments from journalists, spin experts and Mr. Gertten’s stoic colleagues lighten the mood, but there’s no doubt that this director has ended this battle significantly more chastened and exhausted than when he began."

1 August 2012, Hollywood Jesus - Review
“It is important to consider the role of free speech and press in our society. It is also important to remember that freedom can be curtailed in many ways by those who have the power (which often means the money) to stop those who need to be heard. (...) Big Boys Gone Bananas!*  gives us a chance to find a new respect for those who speak up for justice and rights”

3 August 2012, Los Angeles Times - Review
"Big Boys Gone Bananas!*," follows the events of those six months from the point of view of a David facing a lawyered-up Goliath. (...) The film is, however, an eye-opening look at the way the U.S. media fell lockstep behind Dole's claims. (...) Big Boys Gone Bananas!* remains a chilling look at the brave new field of strategic communication, which employs not just marketing experts but covert operatives to protect brands. As one specialist observes, we live in "an era of extreme reputation anxiety."

6 August 2012, Hollywood Progressive - Review
“Big Boys Gone Bananas! is highly dramatic and great fun..with many twists and turns, and far more entertaining than most Hollywood features. The Summer’s Must-See Movie: David Defeats Dole Goliath”


Media links

For Swedish press coverage, please visit bigboysgonebananas.se.

6 January 2012, IndieWire - "Meet the 2012 Sundance Filmmakers"
11 January 2012, edn.dk - "Fredrik Gertten, member of the month"
14 January 2012, Expertsure.com - "Help protect free speech by supporting BANANAS!* filmmakers" 
20 January 2012, Filmmaker Magazine - Interview with Fredrik Gertten
20 January 2012, LA Times - "Films to see at Sundance"
21 January 2012, Bambuser - TV: Q&A with Fredrik Gertten after the Sundance premiere
26 January 2012, canada.com - "Have the big boys gone bananas at Sundance?"
26 January 2012, Times Clonist - "Big business gone "bananas"!
27 January 2012, Culturemap, Austin - "Redford is right: Documentaries rule at Sundance"
9 February 2012, The lip TV - TV: Interview with Fredrik Gertten, Ondi Timoner and Morgan Spurloc
25 April 2012, Judy Gombita Blogg - Interview with Fredrik Gertten before the Canadian premiere
28 April, Radio Netherlands Worldwide - RADIO: The State We're In - Interview with Fredrik Gertten
1 May 2012, Charlotte Magazine - "Interview with Fredrik Gertten Has Charlotte Gone Bananas?
1 May 2012, BNN Canada - TV Interview with Fredrik Gertten.
2 May 2012, The Current - Radio Interview with Fredrik Gertten.
11 August 2012, The Age - Article in connection to the Australian premiere at Melbourne IFF.

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Video: Q&A after the last screening

After the last screening at IDFA Film Festival on 27 November, Fredrik Gertten attended a special Question & Answer session at the Tuschinski cinema. Moderator was the well-known VPRO journalist Teun van de Keuken. Thanks a million to photographer Frank Verburg who filmed it all. Enjoy!

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We'll fix it in post!


Emma here, post-production supervisor on BIG BOYS GONE BANANAS!*.  With just one day left in post-production I should be panicking. A bit worrying that I'm not, but I'd like to think that everything is going according to schedule! So I will spend my free time informing everyone interested about the post production process, or rather, "The making of BIG BOYS GONE BANANAS!*".

As always with documentaries, the amount of footage that is captured during the shoot is enormous, and BBGB is certanly not an exception. Because of the situation we were in when we started shooting for this film, with Fredrik still traveling a lot with his previous film BANANAS!*, we tried to combine his world tour with shooting the new film, which resulted in hiring a different cinematographer at each location...

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Key people

The beauty with documentaries is that the characters in the film actually are real people.
Let us introduce some of them to you. (more soon) 


Alex Rivera, film director

Alex is a digital media artist and filmmaker who has over the past fifteen years directed satirical animations, straight-forward documentaries that tell surreal real-life stories, and fictions that he hope to illuminate larger truths. His first feature film, Sleep Dealer premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in 2008 where it won the Waldo Salt Screenwriting Award and the Alfred P. Sloan Award. 

Dan Koeppel, author


Dan Koeppel is author of Banana: The Fate of the Fruit that Changed the World. Now in a fourth US printing and translated into five languages, Banana was described by Nobel Prize-winning economist Paul Krugman as "essential reading" for understanding the global economy. His writing appears in Wired, National Geographic, Popular Mechanics, and Popular Science and other magazines. He lives in Los Angeles with his wife and son. 

David Magdael, publicist


Owner and founder of  David Magdael & Associates, Inc., Magdael has been providing PR expertise for over 11 years in the area of documentary film, independent films and studio releases.  He is instrumental in providing strategic public relations planning and implementation for theatrical distribution, awards campaigns, television broadcasts, film festivals and directors. Magdael is considered to be one of the go-to firms in the industry. Films include BANANAS!*, Last train home, Super Size Me, Wasteland, The Oath, Mad Hot Ballroom, Trouble the water, The Black Power Mixtape 1967-1975, The Interrupters, Being Elmo and more. 


Ken Silverstein, journalist, PR & lobby specialist

Ken Silverstein is an Open Society Foundation fellow, conducting research on corruption in the global energy business. Until 2010 he was the Washington Editor for Harper's Magazine and writes Washington Babylon for Harper's online. His feature stories for the magazine include a profile of Barack Obama as well as major investigations into arms trafficking, money laundering and corruption in the international oil business. Silverstein has broken numerous stories online, including one piece that forced the CIA to conduct a new National Intelligence Estimate on Iraq.


Lincoln Bandlow, lawyer

Lincoln specializes in litigating media, First Amendment, intellectual property and other entertainment related matters. He represents clients in the motion picture, television, publishing, broadcasting, internet and advertising fields. He has litigated and tried cases in both state and federal courts in matters involving claims for copyright infringement, defamation, right of publicity, right of privacy, trademark infringement and related claims. He also acts as clearance counsel for studios, documentary filmmakers, publishers and other entities and individuals in the entertainment and media communities.

Sven Hughes - Big Boys Gone Bananas!*Sven Hughes, strategic communications consultant

Sven Hughes is a strategic communications consultant. His client list includes prime ministers, militaries and multinational corporations. He is an acknowledged authority on using advanced verbalisation techniques to win the 'war of words' for his clients.  

Tim Burt, Strategic Communication & Reputation Consultant


Tim Burt is Managing Partner of StockWell Group, an international strategic communications Times, where he spent 16 years as an industry specialist writer and foreign correspondent. His firm that advises global corporations. As an adviser, he has represented companies such as AT&T, Google and Toyota. He is also a former award-winning journalist with the Financial worked has been published by the Wall Street Journal, IHT, Economist and he is a
former programe contributor to CNBC. 


Bart Simpson, filmmaker

With an interest in films that entertain, evoke, and engage public debate,  Bart is best known for producing the Sundance Award-Winning documentary "The Corporation" with his former company in Vancouver, Canada. The film has won over 26 international awards and commendations. He is a former National Chairperson of the Documentary Organization of Canada/Documentaristes du Canada. Bart's interest in the Nordic countries was nurtured at a young age, and this led him to co-produce "Bananas!*" with WG Film. He currently juggles two loves: telling unique and entertaining stories with a variety of collaborators, and playing with his multimedia dance band, Phat Tank.

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