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Press contacts

Press enquiries (U.S. & international):

David Magdael
David Magdael & Associates, Los Angeles
+1 213 624 7827      
[email protected] 


Press contact (UK, Ireland)

+44 20 7831 7252 
[email protected] 


Press contact (Sweden):

WG Film, Malmö
+46 40 232098      

[email protected] 

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Two more screenings at IDFA this weekend: See

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Video: Q&A after the world premiere

This is the Question & Answer Session with Fredrik Gertten after the world premiere of BIG BOYS GONE BANANAS!* at the International Documentary Film Festival in Amsterdam (IDFA) on 19 November 2011...

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Congratulations on your first-ever blog post. Now come on, Emma, tell us some of the dirty tricks that you applied in post to make poor and innocent Dole look really bad! ;-)

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Help us make this another unpleasant ride for the big guys – share the trailer!

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BANANAS!* - the film that triggered Big Boys

This is the documentary that made Dole so upset in the first place.

Juan “Accidentes” Dominguez is on his biggest case ever. On behalf of twelve Nicaraguan banana workers he tackles the Dole Food Company in a ground-breaking legal battle for their use of a banned pesticide that was known to cause sterility. Can he beat the giant, or will the corporation get away with it? In the suspenseful documentary BANANAS!*, filmmaker Fredrik Gertten sheds new light on the global politics of food.

One third of the production price of the average banana is used simply to cover the cost of pesticides1. All over the world, banana plantation workers are suffering and dying from the effects of these pesticides. Juan Dominguez, a million-dollar personal injury lawyer in Los Angeles, is on his biggest case ever representing over 10,000 Nicaraguan banana workers claiming to be afflicted by a pesticide known as Nemagon. Dole Food and Dow Chemicals are on trial.

Another banana worker is being buried in a small northern town in Nicaragua. For his whole life, Alberto Rosales used his machete to remove weeds from below the banana plants. His son says his last years were filled with pain, a body that was itching all night — and in the end his kidneys stopped working.

Read the full story on

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Yes, go on a holiday and let the professionals get on with their work… ;-)

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Embed the trailer

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Press kit and still images

To download to your computer, right-click and select "Save link as..."

PDFIcon_presskit.pngPDFIcon_presskit_swe.png  PDFIcon_poster.png  PDFIcon_image-caption.png  PDFIcon_director.png


Still images 

All images are free to use if the photographer and source (WG Film) are metioned. Photo credits are stated in the caption list, as well as the location and other useful information. Click on a image to view in full resolution. Right-click and select 'Save link as' to download. If there's anything else you may need, please do not hesitate to contact us.

BBB_01_thumb.jpg   BBB_02_thumb.jpg   BBB_03_thumb.jpg BBB_04_thumb.jpg   BBB_05_thumb.jpg   BBB_06_thumb.jpg  BBB_07_thumb.jpg   BBB_08_thumb.jpg   BBB_11_thumb.jpgBBB_12_thumb.jpg   BBB_13_thumb.jpg   BBB_15_thumb.jpg  BBB_01_zipped.jpg     

Director Fredrik Gertten (by Martin Bogren)

Director_Fredrik_Gertten_photo_Martin_Bogren_1_thumb.jpg   Director_Fredrik_Gertten_photo_Martin_Bogren_2_thumb.jpg   Director_Fredrik_Gertten_photo_Martin_Bogren_3_thumb.jpg Director_Fredrik_Gertten_photo_Martin_Bogren_BW_1_thumb.jpg

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Press & Industry

This part of our website is intended for the media, for festival and other events, as well as for our broadcast and distribution partners. 

It includes stills, a press kit, a form to request a screener, and more information on embedding our Distrify player with the trailer.

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 First there was a film about banana workers saying the Dole Food Company has made them infertile. Then Dole attacked the filmmakers. Now it's time for a new film!

A documentary by (and about) Fredrik Gertten. World Premiere at IDFA, the International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam 2011. North American Premiere in the World Cinema Documentary Competition at the Sundance Film Festival 2012


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World Premiere at IDFA in Amsterdam

IDFA 2011Screening dates for the films's world premiere at the International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam are now online.

When Dole was going to hit us we wanted it on film

Early summer 2009 was an extremely intense time for us. After proudly announcing that my film BANANAS!* was going to have its world premiere in competition at the Los Angeles Film Festival, we received an aggressive letter from a law firm representing DOLE Food Company. The cease and desist-letter told us to withdraw the film and the trailer, shut down the film's website.

WG film has four employes, DOLE Food Company 75,000 in 90 countries, making them the biggest fruit company in the world. This was no fun, but at the same time we felt that we had done a balanced film...

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What's this?

Welcome to the website for Fredrik Gertten's new film, BIG BOYS GONE BANANAS!*

Some of you may know that I recently started working with the Scottish Documentary Institute, looking into new strategies and tools to connect filmmakers with their audience in a more meaningful and more sustainable way.

One of the things we're testing is how well a political campaigning tool called NationBuilder works for the documentary world. And when Fredrik asked me to help with the outreach campaign for his new film, I suggested that he should give this software a try. 

So here we go. We're going bananas and building a nation. And we very much hope you'll be part of it.

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