Nine days to the world premiere and the site is up!

Fredrik GerttenIt might look like one small step to be launching an outreach website, but for us this is a giant leap. We now look forward to a more direct connection with our friends and audience. This is certainly needed in a world where the Hollywood studio films consume almost every screen in theatres around the world. We know that documentary film is a broad and loved genre, we have audience. Now we need your help, sharing the trailer, signing up for volonteer work. We also need your opinions and experience of corporations attacking their critics, shooting the messengers.

Here are some comments that appeared on the site yesterday:

Adam Euwens, Los Angeles:

"Few of us have been attacked so viciously as Fredrik Gertten and WG Film have by the unscrupulous lawyers and mindless media that Dole unleashed against them. But basically, it could happen to any of us, at any time, if it weren’t for lonely warriors such as Fredrik risking his life’s work to protect values such as free speech, honesty and truth. The wonderful and courageous thing that Fredrik Gertten and WG Film demonstrate with this documentary is that we – the 99% – d0 have the right and the power to question the inequalities and injustices on our planet, to fight the odds even when the opposition owns the bank, the judge and the media. Unfortunately, it was one man, a small company and a few friends against a corporation that believes that to protect their profits they can bend the law, manipulate the media and destroy people. Business as usual. No longer. We, the people, demand a better world for all. Please support this movie, this director and this production company any way you can. It is not just his future or their future at stake, it is our future".

Patrik Karlsson, Malmö, Sweden:

"It feels extremely interesting to get a glimpse behind the scenes, even though I suffer with Mr Gertten and his colleagues for ever having to take this fight against Goliath. One thing that comes to mind while watching the trailer is: will Dole once again find reasons to sue Mr Gertten and his film company? And, if so, will they do it before or after they have watched the movie?
I admire the filmmakers bravery, after barely escaping a multi million dollar law suit, to once again go up against the big boys who’ve gone bananas."

If you have any thoughts, please share them with us. Only nine days to the world premiere. We need all the cheers we can get.

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The true story about a Swedish filmmaker and a banana corporation. Dirty tricks, lawsuits, manipulation, and the price of free speech.

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