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It's so good to see that people still want to screen "BANANAS!*" and "BIG BOYS GONE BANANAS" around the world!

Here is a list of the upcoming screenings of both films in September and October:

19-25 september: "BANANAS!*" and "BIG BOYS GONE BANANAS"  at Swedish Film Festival in Japan!
More info (in Japanese)

20 september: "BIG BOYS GONE BANANAS" in Bonn
More info 

3 october: "BANANAS!*" in Barcelona.
More info

3-10 october: "BANANAS!*" and "BIG BOYS GONE BANANAS" at  ZIFFT
(website under construction)

13 october: "BANANAS!*" in Duluth, MN at Zinema 2. It will be apart of an environmentally conscious doc series that will happen on Tuesdays throughout the Fall.
More info

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The true story about a Swedish filmmaker and a banana corporation. Dirty tricks, lawsuits, manipulation, and the price of free speech.

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